All you need to know about Blender


What is Blender Blender is the free and open-source 3D creation suite. It has elements of the 3D pipeline—demonstrating, fixing, movement, recreation, delivering, compositing and movement following, even video altering and game creation. The principal arrival of the 2.9 series is here! Expanding on the accomplishment of the 2.8 series, Blender 2.90 keeps on cleaning […]

Overview of Autodesk Maya 2022 | What’s New


What is Autodesk Maya Maya is an animation and modeling software used to create three-dimensional, full-movement effects. Maya carries the herbal legal guidelines of physics to manipulate the conduct of digital gadgets in laptop animation. Maya can produce motion pictures which might be extra real looking than has been viable with much less state-of-the-art programs. […]

CGI in Movies VS CGI in Games


What is CGI CGI refers to computer-generated imaging. It is often the creation of immobile or animated visual content using imaging software. It serves many purposes in producing images. These include visual arts, advertising, computer game art, movie computer graphics, and augmented reality and computer game apps. Various methodologies accomplish CGI. Employing algorithms to get […]

Maya vs Blender : An Ultimate Guide


Maya is a well established and a reputed platform for 3D application since 1998. Before associating with Autodesk, its brand name was cataloguing under the Alias brand. Over the course of years, Maya has engineered to outdo as an industry-standard software. The most well-known for its accentuated inclinations of prominent detail in the field of animation. […]

Website Beta Testing – First Week Report


We held our very first beta testing session this week. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who helped us in our first testing session by giving us feedback, suggestions and reporting bugs. We began beta testing of the website after meeting with the beta-tester team. We had a two-hour meeting, from 04:00 […]

Everything you need to know about ArtGare


Who are we? We are ArtGarians, a group of talented and aspiring artists, designers, developers, students and volunteers who are committed to ensure that all our users have access to high quality assets that are not easily accessible. ArtGare provides its users with a huge library of 100% free high quality 3D models be it […]