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June 2, 2023

Who are we?

We are ArtGarians, a group of talented and aspiring artists, designers, developers, students and volunteers who are committed to ensure that all our users have access to high quality assets that are not easily accessible. ArtGare provides its users with a huge library of 100% free high quality 3D models be it hard surface models, organic models, interior/exterior models, or even city scans, we are going to try our best to produce and upload as much content as possible.
Also, it’s our first beta release, and you may not have access to thousands of assets on the store page. However, our team is working day and night to make that possible with the stable release launch version 1.0 by the early September 2021.
Best part? It’s all going to be absolutely free, no catch!

Why Us?

We at ArtGare are providing assets to everyone absolutely free that are worth someone’s lifetime of hard work. Think we are crazy? Maybe. But our goal is to boost the industry. Have you ever wanted to practice your texturing skills on a Lamborghini but could not find the perfect model? Maybe you wanted to practice character animation? Maybe you just wanted to do some compositing but you lack the skills of 3D modeling a Sci-Fi Spaceship? Or are you a game developer who wanted to add a high poly robot to your game but can not afford it? Why do we let these boundaries stop us from reaching our fullest potential? NO MORE! Here, you will find all models CGI and Game ready. Do what you want to do!

What are we doing?

We are going to make a community for all the growing 3D artists, a safe place for all the ones thinking to join the industry and a place to share their knowledge and work for all the professionals out there. Also, making it interesting along the way by hosting a lot of events, contests, seminars that would be divided for all levels of artists to join and be a part of this community. To actually learn and grow with each other. To be a part of the ArtGarian Family.

Benefits of using ArtGare

▫️ Access to thousands of high quality 3D assets right in your back pocket.
▫️ A community where you can share your knowledge, concerns, critiques, artwork, queries and much more.
▫️ Participation in events/seminars for gaining theoretical knowledge.
▫️ Participation in competitions and getting feedback from industry experts for improving your practical skills.
▫️ No need to waste your time modeling something you know you can, just download from our library and directly jump to the step you want to work on.
▫️ Access to a customizable professional portfolio builder.
▫️ Gain admin access just by supporting ArtGare in any form be it contributing models, promoting our platform or supporting us financially.
▫️ Have your dedicated profile and post anything you want with the option of keeping it public or private.
▫️ Direct contact with the ArtGare team 24×7. We are always here to help you and we appreciate all your feedback and suggestions.

Current Target

Currently, we are focusing on making the website live for beta testing with the asset library active. Of course, we won’t be able to upload a lot of assets but a good amount would be uploaded, say 50-100 high quality models and a new bunch would be uploaded every month.

Our Progress so far

So far, we have completed a basic website layout with some general pages. Apart from that we have also setup the 3D model library and download page. We have kept our website minimalistic and easy to use for anyone who wants to access it. Moreover, we have setup the forum page where people can start talking to each other, ask questions, share feedback on artwork, you know how it goes. This forum page is also directly connected to your personal profile which can be public or private, the choice is yours.
What else? Something we do not want to have but we really need to. You see, making all this possible requires a lot of resources but that is the whole point, we are keeping it all free because we want it to be accessible to anyone who needs it. Our team members are literally investing all their 3D assets and other skills that they acquired so far but we still need funding. So, we are investing from our pockets but we are afraid we might not be able to keep this going and bring this community to the level we plan to if we run out of funds. That’s where our contribution page comes in. If you can and are able to, you have option to contribute and support us financially. Don’t worry if you want to but can not afford it, we will soon bring options to contribute in other ways like promoting us or uploading assets to the ArtGare library. Also, all the funds that we receive from contributors, YouTube or any other way from ArtGare will be used 100% for the development of ArtGare. It will all be invested right back in our platform and we will be completely transparent with our records because our users deserve to know.

Future Plans

▫️ Upload at least 1000 high quality assets.
▫️ Setup portfolio builder
▫️ Organize events with industry experts
▫️ Come up with contests/competitions with great prizes every now and then.
▫️ Expand in other related fields.
▫️ Hire more 3D artists so that we can upload more.
▫️ Create educational courses/tutorials for anyone who wants to learn.
▫️ Expand the family of ArtGarians.
▫️ Add promotion opportunities to help boost individual artists.
▫️ Creating more job opportunities and helping artists in getting jobs.
▫️ Help boost the industry.

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