Website Beta Testing – First Week Report

June 2, 2023

We held our very first beta testing session this week. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who helped us in our first testing session by giving us feedback, suggestions and reporting bugs.

We began beta testing of the website after meeting with the beta-tester team. We had a two-hour meeting, from 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM on May 21, where we introduced everyone to each other, and to make things work easier and smoothly, we provided them with a checklist and a site-map after giving them a 30 minute website tour live on Google Meet.

Things went very well in the meeting and just after the meeting, the testing team started giving critiques, feedbacks, suggestions and reporting bugs. All the beta testers included in the tests have been very enthusiastic. In the initial phase we focus largely on website design, layout, functionality and bug finding. After making sure that we no longer had bugs on the website, we focused on making sure the website was easy to use for all anticipated user groups.

We then instructed our testers to do cross-browser testing. The team conducted tests on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Safari, Falkon, Opera and Opera GX and ensured that the website’s elements were not exiting the screen. The experience was smooth and fluid on all the browsers but a number of our the testers had problems with layout on tablets and mobile devices, due to which we changed the layout of some of the pages, resulting in too much stress, burnout and exhaustion, but we are now done with the initial test week.

What our Beta Testers said:

“The website looks really good, being such an early stage.  I can see the potential in it. Devs, great work so far! I’m impressed with how the website is so smooth!” – Алина Путин, Beta Tester

“We spent 10 hours in refining every feature so that users have to spend only 10 seconds to download the models” – Idhank, Beta Tester and Community Manager

“The website is very well designed, the developers and founders clearly know what they want and are working hard to achieve their goal. The models I saw were amazing and I could easily imagine them being used in AAA games. To have such high quality models in the public domain is amazing. I wish ArtGare and it’s team all the best for their ambitious endeavour.” – Chinmaya Naithani

“I knew Rawque, the founder of ArtGare and his quality of work way before the “Artgare” project began, so, it was safe to say that this project is going to be huge. The Artgare community is full of very active, friendly, and talented people. I got to see some Artwork from the Artgare library early on by the community members and I was actually stunned by the quality of the work. All the members are very passionate about this project, and that’s what I like about it. Their efforts and plans to make the best 3D community extends to great heights. In the beta-testing initial phase, I love the website as it is simple, authentic, and easy to understand. The color scheme of the website is excellent. The website is also very optimized. So, if I sum my overall experience, I should say it was pretty cool to be a beta tester, and I am also very excited about its future and its true potential.” – Eiryu Yami, Beta Tester and Community Manager

“The team is hardworking and works on feedback and suggestions as fast as possible, the website design looks soothing to the eyes and the colors picked made the website look clean and  beautiful. Overall everything and everyone at ArtGare is great.” – Ameen Shafeeq, Beta Tester

This was our first week and we are planning another round of testing after a few weeks, so please stay tuned to our development logs and Twitter for further announcements. If anyone still wants to join us, drop a mail at [email protected]

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