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Frequently Asked Questions

Unless otherwise specified, all 3D Models on this website are royalty free. This means that you do not have to pay anything or provide credit to the artist or Artgare in any number of commercial projects.

Yes, we create custom 3D models on commission at very reasonable costs. We also offer a discount if you allow us to republish that 3D model on our website.

You can contact us via email, or join our Discord server and talk with us about your project directly.

A part of Artgare is and will remain completely free to all community members. Commission work, brand advertising and early-access membership plans are our primary sources of income.

Since the entire Artgare Marketplace is free, allowing paid models in the marketplace would appear to contradict our aim of serving the community, therefore we do not accept paid publishing.

You can make money, though, by publishing free models and monetizing your account.

We have monetization plans and Artgare partner pragramme for our sellers and content creators. More information about eligibility and applying for the Partner Programme can be found here.

If your 3D model or blog post has been removed from the website, it means that your content has been found to be in violation of our Guidelines and Policies and has been removed by us.