Account and Password

Changing email address or username

Account email address and username are unique and cannot be changed after creating an account. The Artgare platform is in its early stages, and we are constantly enhancing our services and introducing new features. Users may see an option to update their email address and username in their account settings in the future, but it cannot be changed right now.

Users can, however, register with a different email address or username and transfer their previously published content to their new account. Users can do so by emailing us and requesting the content transfer from any available support staff.

Please note that you must have more than ten published posts/models on your account to request a transfer, and it may take up to three business days for your content to be transferred.

Changing your account password

To change your account password, email us and request any available support staff to send a password reset link to your registered email address. You can request a password change once a week.

Please note that your password is end-to-end encrypted. Neither Artgare support staff nor higher authorities can access or ask for your password and we request you not to share your password with any support staff.

Changing other account details

You can change other account details in your Profile settings.